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The Three T’s for a Healthy Season.

This was a tough winter for our backs If your experience was similar to min, you spent to much time in snow boots with shovel in your hands followed by too much time in bed with an ice pack, and perhaps a moderate amount of time regretting, your decision to live at elevation in the Rocky Mountains.

If you didn’t make it out of the winter unscathed, we would like to offer some tips for recovery and a pathway for prevention when the snow begins to fall next winter.

Could it be the SI joint?

Patients with pain can be complicated, pain generators are often located in close proximity to alternate sources of pain.  Couple this with differing insurance requirements for testing and treatment and you may find yourself missing opportunities to solve a relatively simple problem. Combating this problem requires a knowledge of insurance prerequisites and an exceptional physical exam.

Keep Your Back Healthy This Winter!

During the fall months, we observe the changing colors, pumpkin spice in almost everything and we get to bring out our fall wardrobe and start layering and wearing jackets to keep the chill in the air at bay. Though for those of us who suffer from chronic pain conditions more often than not, the colder weather can cause a flare up in our conditions…

Regenexx Foot and Ankle

Today we will discuss how Regenexx can help heal your foot or ankle injury, as well as why your injury needs to be treated quickly to prevent any other complications. If you have suffered a foot or ankle injury you know how much pain and stress this injury can put on...

Regenexx Back and Spine Procedures

Today we will be discussing our back and spine procedures: We are a better solution for your back pain. Every year millions of people with back pain are undergoing surgery, or using a high dose of epidural steroid injections. These injections and surgeries are risky...

Sciatica: Symptoms and Causes

Today we will discuss the details of typical symptoms for sciatica and its possible causes in adults. Symptoms of lower back pain that travels to the leg and buttock is referred to as sciatica. Sciatica describes symptoms caused by a nerve root in the lower spine is...

Lower Back Pain Symptoms and Causes

If you fall into the age bracket of 30-60 you have a higher risk of experiencing back pain from a lumbar disc herniation, lumbar degenerative disc disease, or a muscle strain. Today we will talk about common symptoms and their causes for young adults, as well as...

Neck and Thumb Pain: A Doctor’s Personal Story

Are neck and thumb pain connected? Can a nerve in your neck cause hand arthritis? In the early summer, I had a pinched nerve in my neck and shorty thereafter, on the hand that was getting numb, evidence of early arthritis appeared in that thumb joint. Believe it or...

What is the Future of Orthopedics?

The pace of innovation has been accelerating at a break neck pace this past two decades. Just contemplate for a second that the Internet was born in the late 90s and in 15 short years has come to dominate our lives. The future of orthopedics is also about to shift...

Turmeric Compound Found to Regenerate Nerve Stem Cells

Turmeric Compound Found to Regenerate Nerve Stem Cells

I take my Curcumin every morning and evening as it’s in the Regenexx stem cell support supplement. I do this because it’s a natural anti-inflammatory and potent anti-oxidant, but now new research shows additional turmeric benefits as a cousin compound found in the...

New Research: Steroids Hammer Stem Cells!

New Research: Steroids Hammer Stem Cells!

Steroids are widely used in Orthopedic care like water, sprinkled here and there for good measure in arthritis and surgical procedures alike. We’ve known for sometime that these high dose steroids are horrible for cartilage and other cells, but there hasn’t been much...

Orthopedic Stem Cell Research: Is There Enough?

Orthopedic Stem Cell Research: Is There Enough?

While stem cells are clearly gaining ground in orthopedics, there are still some physicians and many scientists that argue that there just isn’t enough research yet for physicians to use this therapy in patients. Since I’ve been following the research since 2005 and...

Spinal Stenosis Injections: Never Trust a Back MRI!

Spinal Stenosis Injections: Never Trust a Back MRI!

Patients considering spinal stenosis injections often come into the office with back pain with thier MRI CDs, believing that this shiny data disc holds the key to their salvation. This makes sense, as many are desperate at that point, their low back having betrayed...

Diet and Cells: Soda is Really Bad for You!

Diet and Cells: Soda is Really Bad for You!

How does soda fit into the diet and cells equation? Soda has become an American staple, with some patients using it to replace water. Now a new study shows that it shortens the telomeres in your cells. What the heck are telomeres and why should you care? When your...

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