by: Collin McDonald PA-C

This was a tough winter for our backs If your experience was similar to min, you spent to much time in snow boots with shovel in your hands followed by too much time in bed with an ice pack, and perhaps a moderate amount of time regretting, your decision to live at elevation in the Rocky Mountains.

If you didn’t make it out of the winter unscathed, we would like to offer some tips for recovery and a pathway for prevention when the snow begins to fall next winter.

Three T’s can guide you to a happy and healthy summer season and prevent the cycle from repeating. These three T’s are Treatment, Time, and Tools.

Treatment: At Wasatch Pain Solutions we offer safe and effective treatments to manage your pain symptoms while you recover and begin activity to produce long-term results

Time: Whether in the ICU or an outpatient clinic our medical goals often include managing symptoms in a way that allows your body time to heal itself.  The treatments offered at Wasatch Pain Solutions will allow this recovery process to begin without debilitating pain.

Tools: The goals established by our patients in partnership with Dr. Khan and Collin (our PA) always focus on long term improvement. We will tailor a plan to your needs which may include physical therapy or at home exercises designed to optimize your health in preparation for a healthy life and the next big snow storm.

Managing your pain symptoms and creating a path to a more healthy life will always be our priority at Wasatch Pain Solutions. If you are suffering from the pain inflicted by mother nature call us today at 801-302-2690.