Today we will be discussing our back and spine procedures:

We are a better solution for your back pain. Every year millions of people with back pain are undergoing surgery, or using a high dose of epidural steroid injections. These injections and surgeries are risky and come with a long list of possible complications.

Try to picture this: If the height of a matchbook represents the amount of steroid your body naturally uses to control inflammation, the amount of steroids in an epidural injection would be the height of the Empire State Building! In recent studies for middle aged patients, steroid epidural injections can hurt bone density and increase bone fracture rate by 29%. If you are considering a steroid epidural injection, or have already had one without knowing these effects you should consider Regenexx as an alternative.

Regenexx Spine Procedures use your own platelets to deliver growth factors that will help heal your condition that is causing your pain. This includes lower back pain, buttock and leg pain caused by irritated nerves, and numbness and tingling in the legs or feet. These procedures are also minimally invasive and have a very short recovery time! Along with a short recovery time Regenexx offers many more benefits including:

  • No damage to back muscles like most surgeries would.
  • Due to the platelets healing ability, the amount of anti-inflammatory used in this procedure is about 1,000,000 times less than a typical lumbar epidural injection.
  • After just 3 months, your overall function rating would be almost 5 times better than with an epidural steroid injection.

If you are experiencing back pain and have exhausted all options you should consider Regenexx. Whether you’re a candidate for surgery or think your only option is an epidural steroid injection, know that Regenexx is your best alternative to treat your pain. Contact us for more information and to schedule an appointment so we can get you back to living pain free!