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Headache or Migraine Pain


Cervical Headaches

Headaches can typically occur at the back and top of the head due to the inflammation of the occipital nerve. Another common cause of headaches is arthritis of the neck. Arthritis pain is often caused by inflammation of a joint. The joints in the neck (called facet joints), much like the joints in the knees and hands, can develop arthritis. Also a common cause for headaches is muscle pain. Irritated muscle bands can cause muscle ache, spasm, or tightness. This can often result in referred pain, which is pain over a remote area. Such “trigger points” (irritated muscle bands) in the neck, face, or upper back can cause headaches. Here at Wasatch Pain Solutions, we provide the most accurate diagnosis and use the most advanced interventional procedures possible in order to treat these types of pain. Many people are pain free within 15-20 minutes after leaving the clinic.