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Back Pain

Midback or Thoracic Spine Pain

Thoracic Spine

Thoracic Spine

Upper back pain is a spinal disorder that can cause significant discomfort. The most common causes are muscular irritation (myofascial pain) and joint dysfunction. Often there may be an injury to a disc in the upper back (such as thoracic herniated disc or degenerated disc). The thoracic spine (different from cervical spine which is the neck or the lumbar spine which is the lower back) is strong and was designed to create stability allowing us to stand upright and protect vital internal organs. Because this portion of the spinal column has such great stability with very limited movement, there is not as much risk of injury or degenertion over time. However when this type of pain exists, here at Wasatch Pain Solutions we employ minimally invasive procedures that eliminate this pain all together.

Low Back or Lumbar Spine Pain

Lumbar Spine Pain

Lumbar Spine Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal complaints. Discomfort and pain can come due to damage or irritation to lower back structures including spinal cord and peripheral nerves, facet joints, vertebrae (bony spine), discs between the vertebrae, vertebral ligaments, as well as the internal organs of the abdomen (liver, spleen, kidney, pancreas) and pelvis. Depending on the pathology associated with the complaint, the symptoms of lower back pain will typically resolve within four weeks. The pain, however, can likely return which leads to a high percentage of people that suffer from chronic low back pain. Depending on the source of pain, here at Wasatch Pain Solutions we have many solutions to help reduce or eliminate pain all together.