We arguably have more experience with injecting stem cells into the discs of patients than anyone else on earth, having performed our first case in 2005. While placing stem cells in discs can be helpful in certain circumstances, can we provide back fusion alternatives without poking a hole in the disc? This is an example of a patient treated with the Regenexx-DDD procedure who now has MRI evidence that her disc is improving without ever having the disc itself injected. How’s that possible?  Click here for full article about this patient : http://www.regenexx.com/2014/08/back-fusion-alternatives/

First, one of the most common spine surgeries today is low back fusion. Patient’s are often seeking alternatives to back fusion because the side effect profile for the surgery is horrendous. The main thrust behind a back fusion is to “stabilize” a bad disc.

The upshot? While injecting stem cells into low back discs can be very helpful in certain circumstances, injecting anything into a disc carries more risk than not performing that procedure. Hence when you can reduce disc problems by just injecting 3rd generation, healing platelet growth factors into the ligaments, joints, and around the disc/nerve, that’s less invasive. In our book, less invasive always trumps more invasive!